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Friday, March 14, 2008

From Slavery to the White House

The East Haddam Stage Company presents: They Called Me Lizzy....from Slavery to the White House on Wednesday, April 23rd,1 PM at the East Haddam Free Public Library in Moodus (across from the middle school). This free program is open to everyone age 12 and up.

Written and directed by Kandie Carle, this is the moving tale of one woman's life during the 19th Century. Her name was Elizabeth Keckly. Born into slavery in 1818, Lizzy eventually managed to purchase her freedom and make her way to Washington D.C. where her dressmaking skills and entrepreneurial savvy brought her to the attention of several political families.
Once the Lincoln's arrived in Washington, there was no turning back for Lizzy. Mary Lincoln hired her, putting into effect a relationship unlike any Lizzy had ever envisioned for herself. She was often there, in the room, with President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln during some of their most private and difficult moments.
While she is best known for her talents as Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker and 'stylist' if you will, the story before and beyond her connection to the White House is equally compelling.
Performed in retrospect, this dramatic recounting of Lizzy's experiences is much more than a slave narrative, it is a human story, sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant, always fascinating.
Please come and see Stephanie Jackson, a graduate of University of Connecticut, as Elizabeth Keckly.

Please note that this perfomance contains some mature content and is intended for ages 12 and up. To register, please call the library at (860) 873-8248 or email staff@ehfpl.org with Subject: Lizzy.

*edited 3/14/08

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