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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Titanic Turtle Terrorizes Tokyo! Flee For Your Lives, It's The Terrible Thursday Thanksgiving Thankstacular!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Library, a giant invincible fire breathing turtle leaps on to the big screen to terrify and insult good taste in movies. It's time for EHFPL's monthly bad movie, Gamera the Invincible!

That's right Gamera the Invincible, A monster so terrifying, his own movie trailer must mention his name 9 times in 90 seconds! A beast so unstoppable that Plans A-Y were deemed useless - leaving the UN no choice but to enactPLAN Z! A movie so frenzied that American movie makers inserted scenes with American actors to slow down the action (or something... we're really not quite sure what they were going for with that but still it's exciting and surely worthy of an exclamation point)! GAMERA THE INVINCIBLE!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Library is (sort of) Proud to Present the Latest and Greatest entry in it's Terrible Thursday lineup. A movie so terrible, we're throwing a party beforehand to entice people in with cake* before subjecting them to it!

Gamera the Invincible


November 17


(*note: It's actually just a delightful Thanksgiving party that happens to be 1 hour before the film, and will be fun for everyone. Please attend, and bring people you like. We promise the bad movie and bad jokes that accompany it will be kept completely separate and will in no way ruin your appetite for Thanksgiving themed snacks, games, and fun. 5:30-6:30 at EHFPL.**)

(**I made a bet that I could plug the Friendly Neighborhood Thanksgiving Party tastefully inside the Terrible Thursday post.)

A Friendly Neighborhood Thanksgiving Party

(Not to be confused with Terrible Thursday)


November 17


(Mission accomplished.)

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