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Monday, April 16, 2012

Awesome April

Check out all of the fantastic events coming up at Your Friendly Neighborhood Library!

Tuesday, April 24
Quilt Club
Join the lovely ladies of the EHFPL Quilt Club as they work on their latest quilt masterpiece (Quilterpiece? Masterquilt?)  Learn some new quilting skills, or show off some old ones. 

Wednesday, April 25
Story Hour
Join Grandma Beth and Ms. Laurie for silly stories that tie into creative crafts. Become part of an EHFPL tradition over 90 years old. Make memories at Story Hour, every Wednesday!

Thursday, April 26
Terrible Thursday (Bad Movie Night)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Library is (sort of) proud to announce the latest and greatest films in cinema history (and by "Latest and Greatest" we mean "Old and Awful").  This month: This Island, Earth! A group of scientists are captured and brought aboard a flying saucer where the Metalunans (the aliens) make them build weapons to help ward off the evil Zagons and Mu-tants!  This 1955 Technicolor classic has everything that makes a bad movie night feature so terrifically terrible: spaceships, rubber suited aliens, screaming damsels in distress, and more. Come join us for a movie that truly blurs the line between awful and awesome

Friday, April 27
Turtle Time! 
What's the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Why do turtles have shells? Why did the turtle cross the road (and what can we do to save them from cars)?  Get the answers to all these questions and more plus MEET LIVE TURTLES!! Stop by the library at Turtle O'Clock for Turtle Time.

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