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Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 124th Birthday, EHFPL!

It's Your Friendly Neighborhood Library's 124th Birthday! On Monday October 15, 1888, Mr. William Nichols and the fine folks of the East Haddam Free Public Library and Reading Room Association opened the town's first Library at 22 Plains Rd in the old Moodus Savings Bank (the building became the bank after the library left).  The First Library Directors (or Head Librarians) were Miss Hannah Brownell and Miss Nellie Chaffee.

On October 1, 1894, the EHFPLARRA, Inc. donated all of it's possessions to the town of East Haddam and became the official town library. The 21 Corporators (the folks responsible for founding EHFPL) were elected as the first Town Library Board, in recognition of their efforts.

On October 4, 1919 the cornerstone was laid for the current library building on Plains Rd. Our home for the past 92 years was the gift of Judge Albert Purple, one of East Haddam's most famous citizens.

Visit the library and wish it a happy birthday. We're celebrating our birthday the same way we do every year - with our Annual Fall Auction! Take a chance and buy a ticket ($1) to win great prizes and support the library.

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