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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take a Quick Survey to Help the EH Local Prevention Council

One of the best parts of being Your Friendly Neighborhood Library is working with our Friendly Neighbors.  Part of EHFPL's core mission is to work closely with the businesses and organizations within our wonderful community.  That is why the library takes its role as a member of the Local Prevention Council very seriously, and is committed to help the LPC in it's mission to keep youth away from harmful, life-destroying habits like drug & alcohol use and make smart, healthy life choices instead.  One of the ways we help the LPC is by bringing you, our super-fantastic patrons, news & updates and the occasional survey.

Please take this super-quick (5-minutes, tops) survey and help your community prevent substance-abuse.  The purpose of this LPC survey is to get an idea of how local citizens view our community's ability to prevent our youth from abusing drugs and alcohol. The survey is 100% anonymous, and no personal information is being collected. The results will greatly help the Local Prevention Council create a comprehensive strategy to lower substance-abuse rates in our town.

By taking this survey, you're making East Haddam a stronger, healthier community and that's something that all smart and attractive people will want to be a part of (a little flattery never hurts). Please be a good neighbor, get some good karma and click on the link below. Thanks!!